Updated: 12/7/2018

Preschool List

The NRECHPTA does not recommend any particular preschools since the choice of a preschool largely depends on whether it is a good fit for the child and the family.  We do sometimes provide a Preschool Fair where Preschools and Child Care Facilities located within North Ridgeville and surrounding communities give out information and answer questions. Not all will be represented at our Preschool Fair and the list of area preschools may not be complete.

If you have additions or corrections to this list, please email webmaster@nrechpta.org.

Questions to ask when choosing a preschool

1.    What days do you operate? ( preschools range in days from 2 – 5 days)

2.    Does my child need to be potty trained?

3.    What is the cost to attend?

4.    Do you provide supplies?

5.    Do you participate in any fundraisers?

6.     How many children will be in each class?

7.     What is the ratio of student to teacher?

8.     What is the curriculum?

9.     Do they have speakers or programs come to their facility?

10.   Do they go on field trips?

11.   Are all the teachers certified?  What type of certification do they have?

12.   Has all the staff gone through a security background check. What kind?

13.   What is the drop of and pick up procedure?

14.   Will my child learn all the necessary skills to be adequately prepared for kindergarten?

15.   How much parent involvement is there? May I come and visit my child during class?

16.   How are children with allergies handled?

17.   What is your method of discipline?

18.   How do you communicate with parents about upcoming events or everyday tasks?

19.   What type of security procedures do you have?